What Should We Care About Gaming Headsets?

Selecting the gaming headset could be a herculean task for someone who is a game freak. The audio quality is a must parameter to judge the headphones, rest come after.

best wireless gaming headset

We have laid down few factors which should be kept in mind before buying your choice:


It is the primary factor after audio quality which must be checked so as to have a comfortable journey. The ear cups should be big enough to cover your ears and the headband should be adjustable so that it doesn’t pinch your head at any point of time.


The headphones should provide a comfortable cushion so that the ears don’t get too much warm. This solution is the best and comes right away in your budget.

It carries prime importance because headphones are all about audio, isn’t it? Here are some properties which should be taken care of:

  • Open or closed:

Bass, soundstage, isolation: It makes sure that the headset perceives width and stage. You would require wide soundstage. Open are good for producing large soundstage and closed makes sure to isolate from noisy gaming environment.

  • Accuracy:

Best gaming headset should be able to reproduce sound with just like the original sound produced. Decreased accuracy may lead to distorted voice due to either high or low frequency; it would also hurt the ear while playing.

  • Voice clarity:

The voice coming out of the earphones must be excellent while gaming. The instrument played or any kind of background voice, if distorted, then projects poor headphone quality. It should be as sharp as original.

Quality of Microphone:

best wireless gaming headset must have a microphone which catches crystal clear audio for best result. The mic should be clear and durable, less voice distortion. It tries to neutralize the sound from mouse clicks and keyboard noise. You ca n also dismantle mic if you want, when coming out of the gaming environment.

Keeping these factors under consideration would be fruitful while buying a new pair. So, choose the best, happy gaming!