Some Important Facts about the Health Insurance Open Enrollment 2018

The enrollment of the year 2018 is open for the individual health care plans. One can sign up for health care plan under Affordable Care Act. If one is buying a health insurance plan then there are 4 ways he or she can get it:

  • One can get it from the market place of the State health insurance plan
  • One can also get insurance plans from websites which provide the quotations of different insurance companies.
  • Get the plan directly from the health insurance plan
  • One can also get it from a health insurance agent

When to get enrolled for health insurance?

The health insurance open enrollment 2018 starts on the 1st of November, 2017 and will continue till the 15th of December 2017. If one signs up between these dates, then the coverage will start from the January of the year 2018.

Why is health insurance important

When does one sign up for health insurance?

One can sign in for a health insurance plan if:

  • He or she does not have an insurance plan through the employer
  • He or she does not have any government policy
  • If one is above 26 years age and cannot be included in the health insurance plan of his or her parents.
  • One qualifies for the tax credits which will help him or her to pay for the health insurance plan

Four types of health insurance plans

If one gets a health insurance plan from the market place then there are 4 types of plan that one can get:

  • Bronze Plan where one has to pay a lower amount of premium
  • Silver Plan
  • Gold Plan
  • Platinum Plan is the one where one is able to get the best plan and have to pay the highest amount of premium

Why is health insurance important?

This type of insurance is important because it covers all the medical expenses of the individuals. One can also make a tax free investment with this sort of a health insurance plan.