Social Media Campaigns and how it relates to democracy

Democracy is dependent on people of the country for survival. It makes the government by the decision of people and the government takes decision for the good pf people. Each and every government tries its best to influence the audience to take their approval of forming the majority. In this context social media platforms plays a big role in campaigning. We see medium such as Facebook, Youtube used most while influencing the people for forming governments. In this case the people should be aware of what is right and wrong for them and should take decision accordingly.

There are society like Foundation for Defense of Democracies which holds debate and gives their viewpoint of different things happening in the society. You can follow them over Facebook or reach directly through the site. This can be really helpful in case you want to see the impact of social media on your judgement. Also Foundation for Defense of Democracieshave a strong view against the antisocial media such as terrorism and other malice and you can follow their opinion to see what stand government is with these policies.

Foundation for Defense of Democracies

As a citizen of the country it is our responsibility to choose the right form of government as this decide the future of our country. We should not be swayed in crowd but instead use our mind to see what is right for us. This will in turn help us make the correct decision while choosing the government and as such makes for a good option. You can follow the group such as suggested above and see how everything is moving around you. Also you can take this learning to take a vote more seriously in the next election and help get the right government for your country.