Is Your Mobile Service Charging More Than It Shall? Find Out Here

Are you unsure if what you are getting from your mobilabonnement service provider is value for money? If yes, then stand in line.

Throughout social media posts, men and women from all around the world have expressed their lack of confidence with their mobile services. Whenever they think something suits them well, there is always something better hidden around the corner.

This everlasting dilemma has led many to ask the question.

What is my mobile service really worth?

The answer

A good way to understand the context of this worth is to find out the revenue companies generate for every user.

This system is known as ARPU, or average revenue per user.

According to the 2015 statistics, the average ARPU in countries like USA and Canada has been over 40 American dollars in the last quarter.

To put that into some perspective, companies are earning around 150-200 American dollars throughout the year from the average user.


Where does that put you?

Now that you have faintly understood the total earnings telefonabonnement companies make for every user, where does that leave you?

To answer simply, it makes sense if you measure service providers with their pros and cons to get your value.

You shouldn’t just stay loyal to connection because it is ‘fine’. Make sure you are getting what you deserve in terms of quality.

Mobile systems have become so integral toour lives that if you aren’t getting quality, it just isn’t worth it.

How do you decide which works best?

You could try to manually track each and every mobile service provider plans. But, that sounds like a tedious affair. To make things easier and more effective, try mobile plan comparison websites online.

These websites collect all the data for users to compare and choose according to their needs. Websites like have everything you need right in one place.