How to View Private Instagram Photos in A Few Steps

Since the creation of Instagram, it has been updated and developed a lot for the best user experience and now it is one of the popular social networking medium. As of now it has 800 million+ users and the number are growing every day.

Have you ever wondered what makes it so popular? It has allowed all types of users to share photos publicly or privately.

How To View Private Instagram Profiles

You must have requested somebody but he/ she hasn’t approved you to view his photos. This is very annoying to most of us. But if you still want to stalk on somebody and be the Curious George, here’s How To View Private Instagram Profiles .

Be honest

As the age old proverb goes, Honesty is the best policy. Ask the person by sending a personal message and explain her why you want to follow her. If you have feelings for her, say her and be direct.

If she still doesn’t respond, you have the other ways which are a bit creepy but then, you want to view private Instagram so badly.

A new Instagram handle

This is a tricky way to get access to your desired profile. Although, rejection is a possibility but still it’s worth giving a shot. You can put a picture of a girl on your profile picture. This works both the way. A girl is less doubtful when approving a girl follower and boy’s profiles are easy to access.

Instagram Private Profile Viewer Online Feature

It’s very hard for you to restrain yourself from viewing the profile of your crush, right? Or you may be the anxious parent who wants to have a check on your kid’s activity. There are a few tools which help you to see private Instagram account you so want to see. The features are absolutely free and easy to use, which makes it a great tool to feed your curiosity.