Electronic Travel Authorization: All you need to know about it



An Electronic travel Authority or ETA is a travel permit that allows people who have visa exemption to visit foreign countries. Individuals from some countries do not requiregetting an Australian visa. However, they need the ETA to enter the country.

What does an ETA entail?

People from countries like Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, Hong Kong, Brunei, Canada and USA do not need a visa to enter Australia. But it is mandatory for them to have the ETA with them. The ETA is linked to their passport numbers,and it is perhaps the most important document to warrant their entry in the country.

Electronic travel Authority

Dos and don’ts of applying for an ETA:

  • An application for an ETA should be made online at least 72 hours before your flight. Even though the permit is received quite promptly, it is better not to wait until the last moment to fill out an application.
  • If you are visiting Australia as a tourist or for business purposes, you must have the ETA at your disposal. Once it is received, it can be used for a stay of up to three months in a twelve-month
  • You must pay a fee while registering for an ETA. It is not refundable and valid for only one-time
  • If the details regarding your names, nationality, sex, passport number are not authentic and do not match your passport, your application is most likely to get rejected.
  • After applying successfully, the ETA must be verified with officials at the Australian Government. Without this, you are likely to get barred from entering the country.

Things to keep in mind:

Since the ETA is linked to your passport, it is not necessary to carry it with you. But it is wise to have a printed copy of the ETA on your person.

If you already have an Australian visa, you don’t need to apply for the permit.