Different Types of Crossword Puzzles

You are quite familiar with the word puzzles in the day that you solve every day. Do you know that there are lots of other types of crossword puzzles? If you are a pro and want to try your hands in different types of crossword puzzles, you should know about the types. Thus finding crossword quiz answers will be easy and interesting. Actually, people solve such puzzles, published in dailies or magazines. It depends on the editor what style of pattern they follow for crossword puzzles. Once you get a grip on the pattern, it becomes easier to crack the crossword puzzle answers quickly. Here are the types of crossword puzzles-

crossword quiz answers

  1. Cryptic Crossword

The main feature of this puzzle is that the clues here are little puzzles. It is mainly popular in the UK. There are two sub-types of cryptic crossword-

  • The Basic Cryptic Crossword- In this type, each clue is entered normally into a diagram.
  • The Themed Cryptic Crossword- Here, certain or all answers should be altered before entering. Actually, there is a hidden pattern in this puzzle that the solver has to find out.

This type of crossword puzzles is not new, but they were invented in Britain in 1920s.

  1. Cipher Crossword

In this type of crossword puzzles, there isa numberof the clues. In this type of puzzle, the solver needs to break the cipher code and then read clues to solve the puzzle. There is a diabolical twist in the puzzle which is known as a diagramless puzzle. Here you get all the answers to the clues and then place them on the grid to get the entire puzzle solved.

Crossword puzzle helps in developing your vocabulary and your language skill. Whatever type you choose, you need to be focused.

Follow different types of a crossword puzzle and be a pro in solving word puzzles. Thus you will take interest in more difficult ones.