Crypto Currency Tools Can Make or Break Your Bitcoin Dreams

Do you want to trade in crypto currency? Do you have dreams of becoming a crypto-millionaire? You should read this. No one becomes a pro overnight. Practice makes a person perfect. Getting hold of some money is the hardest thing on earth.

It is a journey, where the pathway is filled with demons and darkness. Every day will not be the same. However, if you have the courage to win, you will be rewarded. Smart Options does just that.

Crypto tools on

You definitely cannot win in the crypto market, without a few tools. Below are a few of them, to guide you in your endeavor for success.

  • Coin Market Alerts

Set all kinds of alerts on your smartphones, be it Android or any other make of software. You can set up alerts for daily process, profit, loss, volume change, market cap change, price percentage change and many more.

  • Find the best bargains with ATH Coin Index. This site will give you constant reviews about the best coins in the market. Their downfall and meteoric rise is recorded, on a daily basis.
  • Download Gekko

An online desktop trading platform. It can be used on Mac, Linux and Windows. You can connect with all the major exchanges with Gekko.

  • There is another site called, which is a platform to trade in Bittrex and Binance. It has a great user interface with extensive protection to your account details.
  • Airdrop Aggregator – It is a filter of sorts that strains the good money making coins from the loss making ones.
  • io – It gives proper analytics for your data.
  • Bitcoin taxes are as important. You ought to pay taxes on your gains.

So, if you make these tools your friends, you are well on the way to a great career in trading and investment in Bit coins that is what says.