Concepts of an ESTA and a VISA

The Electronic System for Travel Authorization is not the same as a Visa. The ESTA 申請 is only mandatory for the individuals residing in a country under the VWP traveling to different countries. This is not at all a requirement to travel abroad. However, in case of a Visa, one must have it handy in situations where they are not permitted to enter the country on arrival after their エスタ is rejected or not approved. One who already holds a valid visa does not need to additionally apply for an ESTA. One must apply for an ESTA at a minimum of three days prior to the plan of the visit. However, it is recommended to all individuals that they can get hold of the same as soon as it is possible or right at the moment the travel is decided and planned in order to avoid late difficulties that might arise of rejection or other similar issues.


In case of denial and rejection of an ESTA, an individual must mandatorily apply for a visa of a visitor from the embassy of the respective country. For most instances, situations can arise where the slots for consultation are difficult to get within the timeframe of travel and can take more time than usual. It completely depends on the application numbers and the status of the reports generated after thorough check made of all the related papers of the individuals.

One can reapply for the ESTA in case it gets rejected or denied at the first instance; however, the wait time stretches over a period of ten days and the conditions for which the rejection took place must be resolved by that time for resubmission of the application so that it can be reapproved. False information providing can impose a lifetime ban for ESTA application.