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Helping the "double carbon" goal, Kaixin certification is in action

KCB News    |    2021-12-21

Recently, Kaixin certification issued the implementation rules for carbon footprint verification of products and services and the implementation rules for carbon neutralization evaluation, which were successfully filed in CNCA of CNCA. From now on, Kaixin certification can provide customers with "carbon footprint" and "carbon neutralization" related verification and evaluation services.

Climate change is a global problem facing mankind. With the emission of carbon dioxide and the sharp increase of greenhouse gases in various countries, it poses a threat to the life system. In this context, countries all over the world reduce greenhouse gases in the way of global agreement. Therefore, China puts forward the goals of carbon peak and carbon neutralization. In the context of achieving the "double carbon" goal, the international mechanism has adopted the quality assurance method of verification without exception.

Carbon footprint refers to the total amount of direct and indirect greenhouse gases released by a product in its life cycle (i.e. from raw material mining, product production, distribution, use to final recycling / disposal). Worldwide, 14 countries and regions have carried out carbon footprint assessment activities and established 19 product carbon footprint assessment systems.

Carbon neutralization means that enterprises, groups or individuals calculate the total amount of greenhouse gas emissions directly or indirectly within a certain period of time to offset their own carbon dioxide emissions through afforestation, energy conservation and emission reduction, so as to achieve carbon dioxide " Zero emission ". As a new form of environmental protection, carbon neutralization has been adopted by more and more large-scale events and conferences.

With the promotion and deepening of China's "double carbon" work, Kaixin certification is willing to undertake more "double carbon" work. It will make full use of the third-party technical service platform to give full play to its technical advantages in the field of testing and certification, provide technical support for the timely realization of the goal of "carbon peak and carbon neutralization" and contribute to the realization of the national goal of "double carbon".


Relevant standards:
   Standard list of product carbon footprint methods:
   ①   Pas2050:2011 code for assessment of greenhouse gas emissions from goods and services during their life cycle;
   ②   Greenhouse gas accounting system: product life cycle accounting and reporting standard;
   ③  ISO / ts14067:2013 greenhouse gases - Product Carbon Footprint - Requirements and guidelines for quantification and information exchange.

    List of carbon neutralization certification standards:
   ①   PAS 2060:2010 specification for carbon neutralization certification
   ②   HJ 2019:19 implementation guide for carbon neutralization of large-scale activities
   ③   ISO 14064 Standard

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