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AAACredit Rating

Enterprise credit rating certificate

With the development of China's market economy, credit has become a widespread concern in society. Credit refers to "deferred payment or money lending in the sale of goods, in which creditors lend money or sell goods on credit, and debtors repay the goods or loans on the agreed date". Credit includes two inseparable aspects: the performance intention directly related to the moral quality of the debtor and the performance ability closely related to the economic situation of the debtor.

A sound social credit system should include good credit culture and business ethics, relatively sound laws and regulations, effective credit supervision and perfect credit intermediary services. From the credit main body to divide, credit mainly includes personal credit, enterprise credit and government credit. Enterprise credit services refer to credit investigation, credit rating and credit management services provided to enterprises. The direct function of enterprise credit service is to provide reference for business credit, financial credit, investor credit and enterprise credit management. Credit rating is mainly to provide services to financial credit, investors, credit, social credit system is an important way of credit intermediary service, is also a very important part of in the establishment of a social credit system should fully consider its role in the development of credit rating, and related supporting policies.

List of information required:

1. Copy of business license, tax registration certificate, legal person code certificate and account opening license of the enterprise

2. Articles of association and investment agreement (photocopy)

3. Registered capital verification report (photocopy)

4. A brief history of enterprise establishment and development

5. Introduction to major business areas or leading products and major contracts signed in the past two years

6. Resume of shareholders and key members of management

7. Staff number, educational background, professional title, training, etc

8. Setting of internal organization

9. List of major rules and regulations of the enterprise

10. Work summary or general manager operation report of the past two years

11, nearly three years of audit report (copy), such as, no audit report provided by the end of nearly three years of financial statements, including balance sheets (and the course details), the income statement and statement of cash flows.

12. Photocopies of certificates of honor and qualification obtained by enterprises and managers

13. Copy of the intellectual property certificate of the well-known trademark, patent and non-patented technology owned by the enterprise

14. Preferential and supportive policy documents provided by national government departments, industry associations and other regulatory bodies

15. Famous media at home and abroad report on enterprises

16. Other information that can improve the credit of enterprises

AAA credit rating certificate classification:

1. Credit rating: AAA

2. Credit rating certificate: AAA

3. Honor the contract and keep good faith: AAA level

4. Focus on service and quality: AAA

5. Credit management demonstration unit: AAA level

6. Personal integrity evaluation: honest entrepreneur/honest manager


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