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Event sustainability management systems

Large-scale activity sustainability management system certification

Certification introduction:

The sustainable management system for large-scale activities (ISO 20121:2012/GB/T 31598-2015) mainly helps the event organizers to plan the economic, environmental and social impact of the event activities. Provide a framework for identifying potential economic, social and environmental negative impacts of the event and propose solutions; Optimize event management work plan and process, to examine its plan and carry out management way, strive for organizations to improve the process and thinking to improve performance, and organizational flexibility, without deviating from the large moving target, carry out large-scale activities related activities by way of innovation, all organizations can benefit from the process of continuous improvement.


Suitable for public events, such as the Olympic Games, the world expo, the youth Olympic Games, etc.), large conference, all kinds of exhibitions, performances and celebrations and other large-scale activities of the management and all wants to establish, implement and maintain sustainability management system and improve the large organization.

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