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Application Procedure


 1.Preliminary Analysis:

-The enterprise collects the information required by FSC-CoC

-The enterprise fills out the contract application (link)

-KCB carries out data analysis


-KCB quotes price for the enterprise and prepares the contract

-Answering or clarifying all the existing questions

-Signing the contract

3.Conducting Audits:

-The KCB auditor evaluates the FSC system of the enterprise

-Confirmation of document procedure

-Meeting with the management layer of the company

-Staff meeting with the on-post staff

-Auditors create audit reports

-Correcting the company`s mismatch condition

-Making a certification decision

4. Issuing A Certificate

-Issuing a certificate to the enterprise

-Registering the certificate

5. Annual Supervision And Audit

-The KCB auditor conducts an annual review of the enterprise

-The enterprise provides information

-Making a certification decision

6. Re-certification

-Re-certifying every five years after the validity of the certificate

-Signing a new certification contract

-KCB conducts new audits

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